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All Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Unit Description
Menu types_for_app

Properties of menus

MenuItem types_for_app

Properties of menu item

page_pairs types_for_app

Page pair for content_id and caption

page_params types_for_app

Parameters of page

PresetRecord types_for_app

Properties of preset

Render RenderHtml

Template engine

rubric_pages types_for_app

Rubrication properties

section_list types_for_app

List of section properties

section_params types_for_app

Parameters of section

Tag types_for_app

Properties of tag

Tag_Page_Link types_for_app

Properties of tag link

TAsyncWriteExecutor AsyncQueue

Writes in separate thread writer aw

TAsyncWriter AsyncQueue

Writer of file with given filename and data

TAttachmentRecord types_for_app

TAttachmentRecord for representation any document

TFilesQueue AsyncQueue

Queue which has a list of filename and data and process each elements using TAsyncWriteExecutor inside processEach

TForm1 main


TfrmCssProps css_props_dlg

Dialog for css properties

TfrmEditor editor_in_window

Window with HTML editor

TfrmEditorCss editor_css

Dialog for css stylesheets

TfrmEditorJs editor_js

Window with javascript editor

TImageRecord types_for_app

TImageRecord for representation image

TPage_Record db_insertdemo

Record of some properties of page in table content

TSection_Record types_for_app

Properties of section

TSpecial_Settings types_for_app

Special setting of whole application

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